The food product marked with a green dot
indicates that it has only vegetarian contents.
If you want any product that you use to be dotted, give us the details here.
Vote for a greener planet
As a consumer, you have a legal right to be informed about any product you buy in the market, specifically, the contents, the ingredients, the packing and processing, among other things.

The Government has made it mandatory that any food product be marked with a green or red dot to indicate its vegetarian or non-vegetarian contents. In spite of this, many food items come without the indication or worse still, are wrongly indicated. What about items other than food? Don't you have the right to know of its contents?

Until you demand that the information be made open and available, the Government and the manufacturers will not know your requirement. Hence, if you feel that any product needs to be marked with a Dot, IVC will submit the requests to the Government.

Please note that IVC is doing this not to promote vegetarianism, which will continue to be its main focus, but to RESPECT a vegetarian as much as a non-vegetarian. We want the government and the people to RESPECT the sentiments of every Indian. RESPECT the rights of every Indian.