The food product marked with a green dot
indicates that it has only vegetarian contents.
IVC The Indian Vegetarian Congress

The Indian Vegetarian Congress is a pioneer in the movement of vegetarianism in India & was established by Mrs. Rukmini Devi Arundale in 1959. From its inception,it has been a non-political, charitable society.

Senior Stalwarts Dr. T.M.P. Mahadevan, Dr. N. Mahalingam & Shri. Surendra Mehta gave further impetus to the movement in their capacity as President and Secretary General of the IVC. While Shri. Deepchandbhai Gardi is a Patron of the society, Shri. R. Venkatraman, former President of India is the Honorary Patron-in-Chief.

Besides being non-political, IVC is also secular, non-profit organization, dedicated to spread the message of vegetarianism across the country. Affiliated to the IVU, UK, it has hosted three World Vegetarianism Congresses in India.

The IVC has its headquarters in Chennai. It has about 2000 members across India and abroad. It conducts several programmes, and observes 'World Vegetarianism Day' during the first week of October each year thereby enlightening the people on the significance & benefits of turning vegetarian, as it believes it is the only natural route to a healthy life. It also leads to harmony in society, and its environment, by nurturing an attitude of tolerance, kindness and respect to all living beings.


The primary objective of the IVC is to promote vegetarianism. In order to make its efforts successful, it is imperative that the benefits of becoming a vegetarian are brought home to people. Going vegetarian is no longer a fad. Many are turning vegetarian on doctors' orders. Research has proved that vegetables are rich in all the necessary vitamins, minerals, proteins & fibrous content needed for human beings.

A significant scientific study conducted by the University of Southmpton, UK over 20 years tracked 8179 students. It was revealed that the ones with the higher IQ levels among them had tended to become vegetarians. It has been scientifically proven that vegetarian food raises energy levels. This can further be testified by Albert Einstein, APJ Abdul Kalam and Amitabh Bachan among many famous vegetarians!

Objectives of the IVC

  • The IVC will endeavour to spread awareness among the younger generation in this regard.
  • The IVC will work towards planting saplings in schools, colleges & other institutions.
  • The IVC will work towards donating generously to the Food Bank.
  • The IVC will join hands with other organizations like SPCA, Blue Cross, AWB (Animal Welfare Board) & BWC(Beauty without Cruelty) for joint activities.
  • The IVC will spread awareness about the harmful effects of tree-felling and deforestation, and its effect on global warming & grow saplings in areas under forest cover where tree-felling takes place regularly and illegally.
  • The IVC will spread awareness of the benefits of soy beans and endeavour to distribute soy milk whenever possible.
  • The IVC will convene annual get-togethers for its members to discuss past and future projects & advertise its projects through media whenever possible in order to generate public interest and participation.